About Us

Jamie Bonee, President of BK Fantasy Sports, started playing fantasy sports in his hometown of Hartford, Ct, with pencil and paper. He has worked in restaurants most of his life, but has also found time to work for a minor league baseball team, a radio station, and several newspapers as a sports reporter.

While writing for the Hartford Advocate in 1995, Jamie won a New England Press Association first place award for a column about Jack McDowell flipping the bird to his hometown Yankee fans. Jamie continues to play fantasy, now including writing blogs, and talking fantasy sports on the radio. Jamie is the “Benteen” of BK Fantasy Sports.


Steve DiMeo, Vice President of BK Fantasy Sports Clothes Inc., is a lifelong accountant, tax professional and avid sports fan. Steve has enjoyed a 30 year career in both public and private accounting and just recently became involved in fantasy sports. Currently, Steve has his own successful accounting and tax practice that he established 20 years ago. Steve has spent his whole career helping people save money and realize their dreams.  Steve is the “Keough” of BK Fantasy Sports.

Our Mission

BK Fantasy Sports is a fantasy clothing outfitter. With the ever exploding interest in fantasy sports, BK wants to offer and keep what fantasy sports is all about—fun! As much as it has become a huge business, we all started playing fantasy sports because of our love of the games. Bk Fantasy Sports creates an atmosphere with our website, blogs, and links , that should expand on that fun and offer the finest in fantasy clothing available anywhere, at a great price.